Lewene API Sandbox

The sandbox is a free testing environment that is designed to mimic the live environment as closely as possible, so you can test your API integration. Check out our developer documentation for more information.

What’s different about the sandbox?

  • ? You can freely add fake credits to your account for testing
  • ? You can trigger the "completion" of your translation jobs (i.e. be a faux translator) so that you can test what your code does in response
  • ? You can manually trigger job status changes and other actions, so that you can test your callbacks
  • ? The sandbox jobs database is occasionally be wiped clean to prepare it for new features - you should not rely on it for permanent storage

How to use the sandbox

  • ? Read the developer API documentation
  • ? Create a sandbox account
  • ? Sign in and generate a set of sandbox API keys
  • ? Order test jobs, using http://api.www.floridatbrc.com/v2/ as the base call URL
  • ? Once you're ready to deploy, create a live user account, generate a set of live API keys - and remember to paste them into your app
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